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Monday, February 12, 2007

SQL Stored Procedure to Log Updates, Independent of Database

Have you ever needed a quick, retroactive solution to track changes on your database?
Well, if youre a good system designer you wouldn't, but when contracting for clients you may find often that the characterization of the project is ever changing, and there is only so much you are able to foresee.

When working with multiple clients, with only a certain amount of hours dedicated to each project, you may want your patches to be applicable for multiple projects. The following is such a patch. It functions to track updates done through the website, storing information such as the user information, the page on which the action took place, the old value and the new value of the changed information and a date time stamp.

Please check out this article to get the code on how to develop the SQL Stored Procedure for creating a log on all updates.

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